Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas all. Hope you all had a nice one. We all had a pretty good Christmas. We all woke up about 8 and opened gifts. It was pretty cool seeing the looks on the kids faces when they got what they wanted for christmas. Check out my pics on facebook. I say that b/c I am on my laptop and I don't have the pics on it LOL.
We had Christmas dinner at our friends. The Linsley's house. It was so nice to get together with friends. Which we haven't done in a couple years. Thank you Nichole and Noel for inviting us. We had a wonderful time. Then we came home and put together and played with toys. I put together a Tinkerbell tent for Sami. She loves it so much she's sleeping in it with her new baby doll.
We don't have any plans for the weekend except for munching on the leftover that Nikki sent home with us LOL. Have a great weekend all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wow sooo time for an update.

Merry Christmas all!!
Yes it;s been a while since my last update. I've been quite busy with real life.
Back at the end of June and early July the kids and I went to Oklahoma to visit with family for a couple of weeks. All we really did was go to the zoo and visit all our relatives. Then Deryn met up with us once he was out of school and we drove to Texas to see his family.
This past August Alex started Kindergarten. His teacher said that he has adjusted well. He got his 1st nine weeks awards in October. He got one for citizenship and perfect attendance. We are all very proud. I can not believe that we are already half way through the school year. June will be here before we know it. On Thursdays i volunteer in his class. Whenever I walk in (or see his classmates outside of school) I get a big " Hi Alex's Mom!!!" LOL.
Sami is doing pretty good. We are still potty training. We are at a stand still because she's scared of pooping in the toilet. Everyday when we take Brother to school she asks if she can go to school too. I've told her that if she starts going in the potty that I would put her in school next year. So far she's not holding up her end of the bargain LOL.
I'm doing pretty good. I've lost 7lbs so far this year. I havent been to the gym in 2 months because someone in my house gets sick. Usually me ( haha).
D is doing good also. He checked into his squadron back in July and likes it a whole lot better than his last command. He recently took his E-6 test. He missed it by 10 points. He'll take it again in March so wish him luck.
I got a pretty awesome Christmas gift this year. Terry bought Mom tickets to come visit us. We had a wonderful 5 days. We took her shopping, and too the beach (5 times). I swear she would live at the beach if she could. (Ha).
I am so proud of my cousin Kathleen. She is serving on a 2 year mission for her church in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Please keep her in your prayers for a successful mission. You can follow her blog at Feel free to sign up for her newsletter.
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. God Bless you all!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Go Sami

Hey all. Not much has really happened lately. We've got Alex fully potty trained and Samantha has started with hers and she's doing really well. Deryn got the results from his E-6 exam. he passed but didn't make rank. He'll do much better next time.
Me , I'm looking into going back to school. The military will pay about $6k for me to go to school. Which is awesome. How can I turn that down. Only problem is the school I'm interested in attending is on the other side of Jacksonville. I don't like to drive that far very often. So I may just look into online courses if I can. And also the school isn't on the list for militaryonesource and i cant figure out how to get it added LOL.
The kids and I are heading to Mom's for a couple of weeks then to Texas to see D's family. I hope D is able to take leave during his down time from school cus i rly don't want to drive back by myself. But i will if i have too LOL. My plans keep changing by the day. It's starting to get irritating LOL.
I leave u with this quote from Samantha. She says it to me every morning like I don't know who she is LOL. "Good morning Mommy. It's me Samanther's" Girl is too cute for her own words.

Monday, April 13, 2009

We made it

Wow long time no post. Everything went fine on our move. We left Maryland on the 27th a couple of hours ahead of schedule. Which is awesome. I love housing up there LOL. We got to Cass's house that evening. She blamed us for bringing the rain with us. But yeah like we really planned that lol. We spent the weekend at her house. We went to the aquarium and the beach. Most of the time we just sat around and enjoyed the company while the kids played. Lily my "niece" told me that she and Alex got married. And she went chasing him all over the house trying to give him kisses. So cute.
We got to Jacksonville Tuesday evening. Picked up our keys to the house on Wednesday. We've only been in this house for 2 weeks and the chain on our toilet snapped, sami broke an electric outlet with her poster ( don't ask me how she did it cus i dont know lol) and theres a clog deep in our pipes so the dishwasher hasnt worked right for the past 2 days. You just gotta loved remodeled homes. My washer finally died. The motor decided that it didnt want to spin anymore. So we just bought a new one. We've made numerous calls to the repair man for the past 2 years to come fix it but they came once to look at it. and have been making excuses since not to come back to fix it. Course that was back in Maryland and 2 days after we get here. My washer dies. I just decided that i was done with it. Tired of messing with effing retards that dont want to do their jobs. Believe D and I did rip them new ones.
Anyways, I am loving Florida. The people dont seem as crazy as they are up north lol. Much more friendlier anyways.
Next week D starts his school and Alex gets enrolled in Kindergarten. I drove by the school today and its really nice.
Dude to some circumstances that have come up I've had to delay my trip to Oklahoma til June. Which is no biggie. We are just waiting on D to get his cars registration paperwork in. I dont feel comfortable leaving him here without a car to drive to and from school. Hope all is well.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Well the movers came and packed us up and will be back on Monday to pick up our stuff. As of Monday or Tuesday we won't have internet so it wont be til after the first when I can post again. Our phone will be turned off Monday as well. If u need to get ahold of us call the cell. If we don;t answer just leave a message and we'll call back as soon as we can. Cus our signal here at the house sucks. Next weekend we'll be at Cass' house in North Carolina for a wee mini vacation. Then on Monday or Tuesday ( depending on if we can get our keys early) will be heading to Florida.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another busy week.

Last Saturday the kids and I met up with some friends at the Jumpyard out in town. We all had a great time. As usual the kids didn't want to leave LOL. We spent Sunday cleaning so we could get ready for our pre-inspection on Monday. Well the guy didnt show up. D called and was told that the appointment was for Tuesday. Tuesday comes no show. D calls again and someone didnt put us in the book for the day. Wednesday the movers came over for a little survey to see how many boxes and what not that they'll need for the 20th. Thursday the maitenance guy finally comes and stays 5 mins just to tell us to clean the appliances, floors and baseboards and not to worry about the walls. Im like wtf you could have called and said it over the phone instead of wasting the gas to come by LOL. We also got a new dining room table from a friend of Deryn's who is also moving to Jax, FL. Saved us a 100 bucks. Today the kids and I took down all the pictures and went through our kitchen and threw out some appliances and pans that we haven't used in forever. No point in keeping 3 sets of pans lol. Anyways the highlight of the week... ( drumroll pleae) WE GOT A HOUSE!!!. Housing called Monday afternoon and said that they had a 3 bedroom open up and already put our name on it. She gave us the address and all we have to do on the First is come sign paperwork and grab the keys. Everything is starting to fall into place. Im so effing excited. Then whats even better is that I found out that a friend of mine and her hubby is also moving to Mayport. Nothing much going on this weekend besides putting aside what we'll need for the week that we'll be in the house with no furniture and at Cass' place.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Yay for snow.

What a week. On Sunday we got a foot of snow. Which to me is a real treat seeing that it'll be 3 years before I'll see it again. The kids and daddy got to make a snow fort. then all three of them came at me with snowballs. Yeah i won that fight lol.

So with all the snow that meant that our pre-inspection with housing didn't happen.

thats rescheduled for Monday. Deryn took his E-6 exam on Thursday. He says he done good. But feels that he didn't make it. We talked to housing in Mayport. There is a good chance that we will have a house when we get down there next month. Not just any house but one of the new houses. I'm very excited about that.Deryn talked to TMO about scheduling the move. So all we are waiting on is for the movers to call us. Yesterday the kids and I went outside and played in the snow. The head fell off a snowman and alex picked it up and chased me around the house with it. Then he threw it at me, but he missed LOL.

Today we have a whole lot of nothing besides catching up on laundry to do. Tomorrow Alex and Sami have a playdate over at the Jump Yard with friends.

*update* mayport housing called and as of today they only have a 2 bedroom available. But are expecting the new 3 and 4 bedrooms to be turned over anyday now. Please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer too.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another day another dollar.

YAY ITS PAYDAY. I went to the commissary this morning and it was actually quiet in there lol. It's supposed to be 61 today so I might take the kiddos to the park. Its exactly 30 days til our move, so that means we are putting in our 30 days notice to housing. Im so excited about that. I have lots to do to get ready and only less 25 days to do it.
Tomorrow i have to go back up north to get my new plates and tags from the dealership. Oh joy i was kinda hoping that they would mail them to me. OH WELL... We need a day to get away from the phone. Ds work keeps calling him to come in when hes off work for stupid crap. so it would be nice to be away from the phone for a couple hours. We have to put Ds car in the shop to get brakes replaced and a tune up so it will be road ready.
Alex and Samantha have actually been rather quiet the past 2 days. ( knock on wood).
Hopefully D will be back on days on Monday or I'm gonna be uber pissed.
Grats to my friend Mandy and her hubby. Their dog is the cutest dog on Tinker this month. Miss Rosie is a doll. I just might go steal her. Muahahaha. but then again my "wifey" can get really mean and I don't want to get her mad. LOL.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy week.

My new baby, Mom got here Wednesday afternoon. It was sleeting and snowing and she wasnt wearing a jacket lol. So we took her out to Chili's for lunch and to walk around Arundel Mills Mall in Baltimore.

On Thursday mom and I had our girls day out. we went to Lenny's for lunch then out to Point Lookout to see the Lighthouse. We walked around the little beach near by where ppl have seen a ghost of a lady walking around looking for graves. We were all alone and we heard footsteps behind us. The wind wasnt blowing anything to make a crunching sound. IT WAS AWESOME. Then we went to Leornardtown and drove around for a bit before coming back to town to do a little bit of shopping,

Friday was my birthday. D got me a new digital camera. I got new shirts and pants from Mom and Terry. Peggy sent me some birthday money ( don't know what ill spend that on just yet lol). Oh and D got a cake. yeah I kicked his arse for it to. D and I had our night out. We had dinner at Lone Star. The food was pretty good. I had me a strawberry daiquri. I deserved it since it was my 26th birthday.
Today we all went to the Air museum outside the base then had lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. The food was good. But out waiter sucked lol. we ended out day at Point lookout again so D and the kids could see it. Yeeeeah that lasted 5 minutes cus everyone else was cold and wouldn't look around with me. .. chickens... lol.
Tomorrow mom goes home. Poor Alex he didn't want Gramma out of his sight all weekend. Poor thing wouldnt even go number 2 on the potty. so we finally got him going again today. So he's all better. We thought there was something wrong with him. But we figured out that the problem was that he didnt want to leave grandma. Cus everytime we'd say go to the bathroom Alex, hed scream for her and wouldnt go unless she was with him.. Poor guy. Grandma prolly feels bad because of it. And she shouldn't. he's just a stubborn guy.
Sami has really enjoyed her visit. Always hanging around gramma. And gramma got to see that Sami has developed a very loud personality LOL. Poor sami got to learn that Gramma doesn;t put up with her back talk either. Sami got real mad when Grandma called her on it lol.
Let me say that it was real nice to have them crawling on someone else for a change. We are planning a visit for May once everything is settled in Florida. I could use a vacation now that i have a vehicle that i can travel in. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Cus i know we sure did,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My baby

After much debate Deryn and I have decided to add to our family. Thats right I got a new car the other day LOL. Had all u guys going didn't I? D and I felt that with the kids getting bigger and I planning on traveling more, that we needed a bigger car. So we bought a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. We got a heck of a deal on it if i may say so. I love it. It has xm radio, automated headlights, radio controls on the steering wheel, and we added a dvd player for the kiddos. On the way home from picking it up today the kids watched wall-e and omg they were so quiet. Best 16 hundred bucks ive ever spent lol. of course deryn is finding every excuse under the sun to get out of the house just to take my car for a spin. LOL Only thing i wish i had on it was a GPS system just to drive D crazy LOL.

Mom will here tomorrow.
Deryn ordered me a birthday cake. Im scared to see what he picked out cus hes been laughing evily about it for the past 2 days.

And Alex is getting his 4 yr molars. Oh yeah thats so much fun.

Friday, February 13, 2009

First hair cut

Sami got her first haircut today. I was very impressed with her. I expected her to fight it. Nope she was a big girl and sat very still for the most part lol. Ill have pics as soon as i get them developed LOL. She got her hair trimmed up and has some bangs. Girl can see now lol.
I have an appointment next Friday to get mine trimmed and highlighted. That will be a great birthday treat.

This weekend Deryn and I are planning on driving up to Salisbury to test drive a car that we've been looking at. It's the only one we seem to agree on LOL.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A nice sunny day

I got lucky and the weather was 70 today. So i forced the kids outside to play just to stay out of my hair. Too bad we are having storms come in late tonight and it will be cold again tomorrow. /sigh.
Anyways I think i may have insomia. I find myself not going to sleep til almost 6 am now. I hope its just the excitement for the move. Im still gonna bring it up at my docs appoitment when i make it for my other problem.
So yeah housing at Mayport called and told D that they "didn't" recieve his paperwork. This being after he called after he sent it and they said they got it. ./sigh. Hopefully that got straightened out.
I'm not looking forward to V-day. (sorry Mandy.) I have my reasons. ( and Mandy my "wifey" made a cake without me so thats one of them LOL).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Samantha's birthday.

So here it is. I finally got around to having a family blog so that our friends and family back home can keep updated on our adventures.
Samantha had her 3rd Birthday yesterday. It was good only Kari was sick and spent most of the day in bed. we didn't get any pictures because Deryn forgot to get a camera. We are planning on having another party when Mom comes to visit next week. So I promis we'll have pictures then.
Sami got a new dress and shirt from Mommy and Daddy. A mermaid barbie from Alex. A kitchen/cleaning set from Great Gamma. Princess pjs and a bear from Grandma and Grandpa. And this weekend we are going to pick out gifts from Meemee and PaPa. Thank you all for the gifts and the cards. She had a great birthday. We had pizza for dinner and Dora the explorer cake and icecream.
She is growing up so fast. Sami is talking more clearly and is going number one in the potty. Unlike when Alex started potty training, she's doing this on her own. She also knows her ABC and likes to pick out and put on her own clothes.
Alex is great. He is fully potty trained (except for the night time). He will be starting Kindergarten in August. Kari is looking forward to a quiet house during the day but also isnt ready for Alex to start school.
Kari is good. She will be turning 26 next week. She is planning on going back to school herself. Kari is starting to get real serious about losing weight. She has lost 7 pounds since Jan 1. But has slacked off in the past 2 week cus of everyone being sick in the house. She does plan on getting back on track once everyone is well.
Deryn is doing good also. He has been busy with work getting everything ready for the move to Florida.

Hopefully I'll keep this blog updated. But you all know how real life goes LOL.

Love to all,

Deryn,Kari, Alex and Sam.