Friday, March 6, 2009

Yay for snow.

What a week. On Sunday we got a foot of snow. Which to me is a real treat seeing that it'll be 3 years before I'll see it again. The kids and daddy got to make a snow fort. then all three of them came at me with snowballs. Yeah i won that fight lol.

So with all the snow that meant that our pre-inspection with housing didn't happen.

thats rescheduled for Monday. Deryn took his E-6 exam on Thursday. He says he done good. But feels that he didn't make it. We talked to housing in Mayport. There is a good chance that we will have a house when we get down there next month. Not just any house but one of the new houses. I'm very excited about that.Deryn talked to TMO about scheduling the move. So all we are waiting on is for the movers to call us. Yesterday the kids and I went outside and played in the snow. The head fell off a snowman and alex picked it up and chased me around the house with it. Then he threw it at me, but he missed LOL.

Today we have a whole lot of nothing besides catching up on laundry to do. Tomorrow Alex and Sami have a playdate over at the Jump Yard with friends.

*update* mayport housing called and as of today they only have a 2 bedroom available. But are expecting the new 3 and 4 bedrooms to be turned over anyday now. Please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer too.

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