Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas all. Hope you all had a nice one. We all had a pretty good Christmas. We all woke up about 8 and opened gifts. It was pretty cool seeing the looks on the kids faces when they got what they wanted for christmas. Check out my pics on facebook. I say that b/c I am on my laptop and I don't have the pics on it LOL.
We had Christmas dinner at our friends. The Linsley's house. It was so nice to get together with friends. Which we haven't done in a couple years. Thank you Nichole and Noel for inviting us. We had a wonderful time. Then we came home and put together and played with toys. I put together a Tinkerbell tent for Sami. She loves it so much she's sleeping in it with her new baby doll.
We don't have any plans for the weekend except for munching on the leftover that Nikki sent home with us LOL. Have a great weekend all.

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