Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A nice sunny day

I got lucky and the weather was 70 today. So i forced the kids outside to play just to stay out of my hair. Too bad we are having storms come in late tonight and it will be cold again tomorrow. /sigh.
Anyways I think i may have insomia. I find myself not going to sleep til almost 6 am now. I hope its just the excitement for the move. Im still gonna bring it up at my docs appoitment when i make it for my other problem.
So yeah housing at Mayport called and told D that they "didn't" recieve his paperwork. This being after he called after he sent it and they said they got it. ./sigh. Hopefully that got straightened out.
I'm not looking forward to V-day. (sorry Mandy.) I have my reasons. ( and Mandy my "wifey" made a cake without me so thats one of them LOL).


  1. Don't feel bad wifey. I have insomnia too. I stay up till like 3am when I have to be in class at Sorry about the housing...damn military. And if it helps, I thought of you while making the

  2. I hope the housing gets situated! How much longer until you move?