Monday, April 13, 2009

We made it

Wow long time no post. Everything went fine on our move. We left Maryland on the 27th a couple of hours ahead of schedule. Which is awesome. I love housing up there LOL. We got to Cass's house that evening. She blamed us for bringing the rain with us. But yeah like we really planned that lol. We spent the weekend at her house. We went to the aquarium and the beach. Most of the time we just sat around and enjoyed the company while the kids played. Lily my "niece" told me that she and Alex got married. And she went chasing him all over the house trying to give him kisses. So cute.
We got to Jacksonville Tuesday evening. Picked up our keys to the house on Wednesday. We've only been in this house for 2 weeks and the chain on our toilet snapped, sami broke an electric outlet with her poster ( don't ask me how she did it cus i dont know lol) and theres a clog deep in our pipes so the dishwasher hasnt worked right for the past 2 days. You just gotta loved remodeled homes. My washer finally died. The motor decided that it didnt want to spin anymore. So we just bought a new one. We've made numerous calls to the repair man for the past 2 years to come fix it but they came once to look at it. and have been making excuses since not to come back to fix it. Course that was back in Maryland and 2 days after we get here. My washer dies. I just decided that i was done with it. Tired of messing with effing retards that dont want to do their jobs. Believe D and I did rip them new ones.
Anyways, I am loving Florida. The people dont seem as crazy as they are up north lol. Much more friendlier anyways.
Next week D starts his school and Alex gets enrolled in Kindergarten. I drove by the school today and its really nice.
Dude to some circumstances that have come up I've had to delay my trip to Oklahoma til June. Which is no biggie. We are just waiting on D to get his cars registration paperwork in. I dont feel comfortable leaving him here without a car to drive to and from school. Hope all is well.

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  1. I'm so glad you're there and and fun on the way!