Thursday, December 23, 2010

B.C. Clark Jingle - Santa Animation

Christmas Memories

Wow I can't believe that Christmas is already upon us once again. I always get a little emotional this time of year (particularly this year). I'm eager to say goodbye to 2010. A lot has happened to me, my family and friends in our lives. I think they agree with me when I say 2010 sucks.

Anyways back to the memories thing. Now I was making some Christmas candy the other night with the kids. It made me remember the Christmases of when I was a kid. I remember after thanksgiving, helping my Grandma Ray make her peanut brittle, fudge,chocolate covered pretzels and etc. It was something that was really special to me. So, I wanted to bring that tradition back for my kids. I really miss her this time of year. I prefer to think back on those days before she got sick.

This year I had to say goodbye to the woman who became my grandmother. She was special to me. She was always there when I needed her. She came to all my sports games when I was in school. She was there when I had my babies. She even threw me a babyshower along with my friend Krystal (whom has also passed) and my mother. We used to spend Christmas eve with my dad's (step-dad's) family. She made it worth it to go in the later years. I will never forget how she took care of me after I had a tooth taken out. She took care of me so my mom could go back to work. She made me chicken soup. It was from the can but she still made it special.

1991. I was 8. That was the last time I remember seeing my father. Though not to be confused of the last time I talked to him lol. This was my best and yet saddest one. My mom took me up to Heritage Mall (back when it was good) to see him. We walked in to the food court area. I remember seeing this guy with long dark curly hair, a cowboy hat and an earing. Turned out it was my father. (at this point I hadn't seen him in a while). He took me around all the stores to pick out presents. Just me and him while my mom went and done her own shopping in the mall. I remember waking up the next morning. I walked up to the door then froze when I saw my Father and mom were alone. I hated the feeling after all that happened while they were married. I turned to go back to bed, but mom saw me. "Kari its alright come on in here." Well I opened my presents from my father and they were all the ones I had picked out. The like "make-up" case, the snoopy diary and earrings. None of which I have now. Mom and I got dressed. Since my grandparents were still in bed we thought we would meet them over at my Aunts house. We piled into my Father's beater truck. My dad had plastic where his back windshield should have been. It was so cold that morning, not even the heater kept me warm. We get to my Aunt's house and of course I make a bee-line for my cousin,Kat to play with the game she got. Then my Father had said "Pumpkin I gotta go. Come give me a hug and kiss." So I did and he left. That was the last I saw of him. I didn't hear from him from that day til I turned 18. I last talked to him in 2001. Found out 7 years later that he passed 9 months after our talk.

Now I remember staying up all night Christmas eve after I had A (2004) and S(2006). Because I was so excited it was their first Christmas'. We got to spend it with Family for A's first Christmas. Unfortunatly we had moved to Maryland when S' came around. But it was still the best Christmas yet. It was our first one as a completed Family.

This feels good to get this all out. Funny how you find things to blog about when you're driving in your car. I'm looking forward to making more Christmas memories. Especially for the kids. Now to close. here is a link to one of my favorite jingles. It just isn't Christmas if you don't hear this at least once LOL.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Mandy inspired post. 20 things about me and then some.

1) I've come to believe that emails are impersonal. I'd much prefer to write a hand written letter. I only use my email now for my newsletters and PTA info.

2) I truly believe that a woman should have a man that wishes he had her, one who lost her and one her has her. (or however that saying goes.)I once had a boyfriend that broke my heart. I thought that I loved him. Now that I'm older I realize that wasn't true. He wanted to be with me but I no longer felt the same way.

3) I really loathe men who beat women. I believe they are cowards.

4) 2 things I don't like to talk about. 1 is religion and the other is politics.

5) I don't like caricatures. I don't know why. They just freak me out.

6) I love to read about the past. Everyone should learn from it.

7) I used to be jealous of my friends who's parents were still together. But then I got a wonderful step-father who is my Dad.

8) I am very proud of the man who has become my Dad. He has been sober for nearly 6 years now.

9) I love my besties, Cass and Mandy. I don't know what I would do without them.

10) I do believe in past lives.

11) Yes I believe in ghosts and other supernatural phenomena.

12) I once had a friend whom I considered one of my "sisters". She decided to leave this life a few years ago.

13) My father was killed by a drunk driver in 2002. Never drink and drive. You could kill yourself or someone else.

14) I never hold a grudge or stay angry at someone just because of something they said or did. I feel I'm above that. You can only pray for the strength to forgive and move forward.

15) I am an animal lover. I can't stand to see animals in trouble.

16) I completed a year of college. I couldn't finish my degree because I couldn't afford it. I do plan on going back once Sami is in school.

17) My mom is the strongest person I know. She is my inspiration.

18) I love songs that tell a story.

19) I can't stand the crunching sound people make as they are eating. Drives me up the walls.

20) I can't stand people who complain about how bad their life is. People who think they are owed something. Guess what people!!!! It won't happen unless you make it happen. Think your life sucks? Go out there and fix it.


21) My hubby makes the best chili and ribs. My dad makes the best cheeseburgers.

22) One of my favorite quotes, "If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere; you better wake up and pay attention". I so <3 that movie.

23) I love my husband with all my heart. He is my rock. I'm really gonna miss his chili while he's gone. Oh yeah him too. LOL.

24) I have 2 of the sweetest kids in the world.

25) I hate the sun coming up at 6am and down at 5. I say screw fall back. Make daylight savings time the new standard time.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Lately I've come to believe that I needed to make a few changes in my life. Lets say that I've grown up a lot the past couple of months. I've recently had to cut ties with someone whom I thought was my friend. Not to go into a lot of detail, basically they are a negative person. Said person probably thinks I cut ties with them because they tell me like it is. Which is not the case. I have another friend whom is the same way only she doesn't make me feel like the guilty party and puts all the blame on me. (Love you Mandy thank you for being so understanding.). I have no hard feelings for this person it was just time to let them go.
I'm the type of person who really doesn't like confrontation. (really who likes getting into arguments?) I used the be the kind of person who didn't take crap from anybody. I wonder what happened to that girl. I sat in my bedroom last night fuming and crying over something D decided that he apparently didn't want to do since he had something better to do. As I sat there venting to Mandy (thanks again hun you made me feel so much better), I came to the realization that I needed to find the old Kari. There's got to be some changes around here and I'm ready to make some sacrifices. I'm tired of feeling like people are walking all over me. So today I've done something that would piss off D. But I don't care; I want things to change around here. I'm tired of having to same argument and nothing getting fixed.
I really hope that check from the Wal-Mart claims department comes in today. I miss having a car. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate feeling dependant on other people. Leanne has been taking Sami to school and picking her up for me. I really appreciate it. I just hate feeling like I'm a burden. It comes so easy for D to ask his family for help. Again I appreciate it. It just drives me nuts. Again that shows how differently we were raised LOL.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Holy late update Batman!!!

Well better late then never LOL.
Since Christmas quite a few things have gone on.
Alex graduated Kindergarten last June. He done so well, he recieved many awards. Such as getting E's all year, perfect attendance, citizenship,reading, etc. He started 1st grade in August. He's having a little trouble with his math and telling time. Other than that he's doing real good. He and his best friend, Gabriel are in the same class again this year. He was happy to see that. His teacher is Mrs. Tolbert. She's really nice and her husband is retired military. Which is awesome. I love his school. It is military friendly. They are willing to work with military families when it comes to leave and school breaks, moving, etc. I'm gonna having to transfer them to another school when the time comes for us to move.

Samantha started Pre-k this year. I can hardly believe that she's old enough for school already. She's doing really well. Only thing is she's the loud kid of the bunch LOL. Her best friend is Cheyenne. Sami has been missing her the past week b/c Cheyenne has been sick. She also has a boyfriend. His name is Ivan. Everyday after school she asks to go play at his house LOL. She's learning how to write her letters and numbers. She has learned how to write her name. When she writes it, she writes it on 2 lines LOL. Can't say that I blame her. She does have a long name LOL.

I am doing fine as well. I finally found out what has been going on with my body. It's nothing major. Because of my family history I have to have an ultrasound done every 6-12 months. I've noticed that some vitamins and exercise has really helped me out with that area. I've lost 10 pounds so far since I've started going to the gym with Leanne.

Deryn is doing great. He's getting ready to leave us for a few months here soon. So I've been mentally preparing myself and the kids for this deployment. Deryn hasn't gone on a deployment in 4 years. So yeah. LOL.

This past summer we took the kids to Disneyworld. We had a blast even though it was overly crowded and hot hot hot. Our friends, The Wards came down from Oklahoma and came with us. There was never a dull moment with me and Mandy together LOL. I think we drove the men nuts. Oh well. They survived LOL.

This year saw some loss. My grandmother Lois passed away in January. Then in February my cat Precious passed away. I've had her since I was 10. She wasn't doing well the last couple of years of her life. I'm glad she's in a better place. In August we lost another kitty, Skittles. This one was a blow to us. We didn't see it coming. He got sick after we came back from Disney. We took him to the vet and there wasn't anything we could do. This was so sudden, that I was crying for days. Poor D it drove him nuts. Skittles and Precious were the best cats I've owned. Well I've only owned 2 so yeah LOL.
We were blessed with a new addition a couple of weeks after Skittles' passing. We went to petco just to go see the cats they had. We weren't planning on adopting for a while. Well we walked in the door and there was Cheetah. He saw us walk in the door and he started to climb his crate wanting to get our attention. So was walked closer and he got down and went for the door LOL. So we asked the lady in charge of the adoption if we could see him. And he took to us right away. So we adopted him. More like he adopted us. LOL. I wasn't planning on adopting another cat. But I believe that the Lord had made me leave the house that day to meet Cheetah. I know its weird but its like Cheetah knew we were coming that day. Cheetah is a 4 months old brown tabby cat. He's cute as a button and smart as heck LOL. We've already got him trained not to scratch us and to come running when we shake his jar of treats. Even Blackie knows that sounds LoL. Cheetah loves to sleep on our pillows. If he wants the whole pillow he will push our heads off and take it over. He know when its time to get up in the morning also. He'll come bat us on the face or constantly meow in the morning till we get up.

Hopefully I'll get around to updating more often. I'll admit that things have been a little hectic since school started. But what can u expect with 2 kids that go to different schools at different times of the day? LOL.