Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My baby

After much debate Deryn and I have decided to add to our family. Thats right I got a new car the other day LOL. Had all u guys going didn't I? D and I felt that with the kids getting bigger and I planning on traveling more, that we needed a bigger car. So we bought a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. We got a heck of a deal on it if i may say so. I love it. It has xm radio, automated headlights, radio controls on the steering wheel, and we added a dvd player for the kiddos. On the way home from picking it up today the kids watched wall-e and omg they were so quiet. Best 16 hundred bucks ive ever spent lol. of course deryn is finding every excuse under the sun to get out of the house just to take my car for a spin. LOL Only thing i wish i had on it was a GPS system just to drive D crazy LOL.

Mom will here tomorrow.
Deryn ordered me a birthday cake. Im scared to see what he picked out cus hes been laughing evily about it for the past 2 days.

And Alex is getting his 4 yr molars. Oh yeah thats so much fun.


  1. I'm dying to get a new vehicle, but I sure in the hell don't want extra payments....lol.

    Take a picture of your cake cause I want to see what he picked for you...lol.

    Happy early birthday luvah'