Friday, March 13, 2009

Another busy week.

Last Saturday the kids and I met up with some friends at the Jumpyard out in town. We all had a great time. As usual the kids didn't want to leave LOL. We spent Sunday cleaning so we could get ready for our pre-inspection on Monday. Well the guy didnt show up. D called and was told that the appointment was for Tuesday. Tuesday comes no show. D calls again and someone didnt put us in the book for the day. Wednesday the movers came over for a little survey to see how many boxes and what not that they'll need for the 20th. Thursday the maitenance guy finally comes and stays 5 mins just to tell us to clean the appliances, floors and baseboards and not to worry about the walls. Im like wtf you could have called and said it over the phone instead of wasting the gas to come by LOL. We also got a new dining room table from a friend of Deryn's who is also moving to Jax, FL. Saved us a 100 bucks. Today the kids and I took down all the pictures and went through our kitchen and threw out some appliances and pans that we haven't used in forever. No point in keeping 3 sets of pans lol. Anyways the highlight of the week... ( drumroll pleae) WE GOT A HOUSE!!!. Housing called Monday afternoon and said that they had a 3 bedroom open up and already put our name on it. She gave us the address and all we have to do on the First is come sign paperwork and grab the keys. Everything is starting to fall into place. Im so effing excited. Then whats even better is that I found out that a friend of mine and her hubby is also moving to Mayport. Nothing much going on this weekend besides putting aside what we'll need for the week that we'll be in the house with no furniture and at Cass' place.


  1. Congrats on getting your house!

  2. Congrats on the house. Look forward to seeing you when you come home for a visit. John has promised to help me get ur cedar chest to ur Mom's. Hopefully we will have a nice day on a Saturday when he is off.
    Love Ya
    Your Crazy Gramma

  3. awesome cus i have just the vehicle to take it home in LOL