Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy week.

My new baby, Mom got here Wednesday afternoon. It was sleeting and snowing and she wasnt wearing a jacket lol. So we took her out to Chili's for lunch and to walk around Arundel Mills Mall in Baltimore.

On Thursday mom and I had our girls day out. we went to Lenny's for lunch then out to Point Lookout to see the Lighthouse. We walked around the little beach near by where ppl have seen a ghost of a lady walking around looking for graves. We were all alone and we heard footsteps behind us. The wind wasnt blowing anything to make a crunching sound. IT WAS AWESOME. Then we went to Leornardtown and drove around for a bit before coming back to town to do a little bit of shopping,

Friday was my birthday. D got me a new digital camera. I got new shirts and pants from Mom and Terry. Peggy sent me some birthday money ( don't know what ill spend that on just yet lol). Oh and D got a cake. yeah I kicked his arse for it to. D and I had our night out. We had dinner at Lone Star. The food was pretty good. I had me a strawberry daiquri. I deserved it since it was my 26th birthday.
Today we all went to the Air museum outside the base then had lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. The food was good. But out waiter sucked lol. we ended out day at Point lookout again so D and the kids could see it. Yeeeeah that lasted 5 minutes cus everyone else was cold and wouldn't look around with me. .. chickens... lol.
Tomorrow mom goes home. Poor Alex he didn't want Gramma out of his sight all weekend. Poor thing wouldnt even go number 2 on the potty. so we finally got him going again today. So he's all better. We thought there was something wrong with him. But we figured out that the problem was that he didnt want to leave grandma. Cus everytime we'd say go to the bathroom Alex, hed scream for her and wouldnt go unless she was with him.. Poor guy. Grandma prolly feels bad because of it. And she shouldn't. he's just a stubborn guy.
Sami has really enjoyed her visit. Always hanging around gramma. And gramma got to see that Sami has developed a very loud personality LOL. Poor sami got to learn that Gramma doesn;t put up with her back talk either. Sami got real mad when Grandma called her on it lol.
Let me say that it was real nice to have them crawling on someone else for a change. We are planning a visit for May once everything is settled in Florida. I could use a vacation now that i have a vehicle that i can travel in. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Cus i know we sure did,


  1. Sounded like you guys had a really good time.

  2. Glad her visit went well. Wynter was glued to my mother too. She even slept with her instead of me haha! Oh well, I got a break from her. Nice car :) Are you getting excited to move to FL?