Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Samantha's birthday.

So here it is. I finally got around to having a family blog so that our friends and family back home can keep updated on our adventures.
Samantha had her 3rd Birthday yesterday. It was good only Kari was sick and spent most of the day in bed. we didn't get any pictures because Deryn forgot to get a camera. We are planning on having another party when Mom comes to visit next week. So I promis we'll have pictures then.
Sami got a new dress and shirt from Mommy and Daddy. A mermaid barbie from Alex. A kitchen/cleaning set from Great Gamma. Princess pjs and a bear from Grandma and Grandpa. And this weekend we are going to pick out gifts from Meemee and PaPa. Thank you all for the gifts and the cards. She had a great birthday. We had pizza for dinner and Dora the explorer cake and icecream.
She is growing up so fast. Sami is talking more clearly and is going number one in the potty. Unlike when Alex started potty training, she's doing this on her own. She also knows her ABC and likes to pick out and put on her own clothes.
Alex is great. He is fully potty trained (except for the night time). He will be starting Kindergarten in August. Kari is looking forward to a quiet house during the day but also isnt ready for Alex to start school.
Kari is good. She will be turning 26 next week. She is planning on going back to school herself. Kari is starting to get real serious about losing weight. She has lost 7 pounds since Jan 1. But has slacked off in the past 2 week cus of everyone being sick in the house. She does plan on getting back on track once everyone is well.
Deryn is doing good also. He has been busy with work getting everything ready for the move to Florida.

Hopefully I'll keep this blog updated. But you all know how real life goes LOL.

Love to all,

Deryn,Kari, Alex and Sam.

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