Monday, June 1, 2009

Go Sami

Hey all. Not much has really happened lately. We've got Alex fully potty trained and Samantha has started with hers and she's doing really well. Deryn got the results from his E-6 exam. he passed but didn't make rank. He'll do much better next time.
Me , I'm looking into going back to school. The military will pay about $6k for me to go to school. Which is awesome. How can I turn that down. Only problem is the school I'm interested in attending is on the other side of Jacksonville. I don't like to drive that far very often. So I may just look into online courses if I can. And also the school isn't on the list for militaryonesource and i cant figure out how to get it added LOL.
The kids and I are heading to Mom's for a couple of weeks then to Texas to see D's family. I hope D is able to take leave during his down time from school cus i rly don't want to drive back by myself. But i will if i have too LOL. My plans keep changing by the day. It's starting to get irritating LOL.
I leave u with this quote from Samantha. She says it to me every morning like I don't know who she is LOL. "Good morning Mommy. It's me Samanther's" Girl is too cute for her own words.

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  1. Yay for potty training! We are working with Wynter, have been for a little over a month. She still has "accidents" some days. How's Samantha doing? Have fun on your trip!