Monday, November 8, 2010

A Mandy inspired post. 20 things about me and then some.

1) I've come to believe that emails are impersonal. I'd much prefer to write a hand written letter. I only use my email now for my newsletters and PTA info.

2) I truly believe that a woman should have a man that wishes he had her, one who lost her and one her has her. (or however that saying goes.)I once had a boyfriend that broke my heart. I thought that I loved him. Now that I'm older I realize that wasn't true. He wanted to be with me but I no longer felt the same way.

3) I really loathe men who beat women. I believe they are cowards.

4) 2 things I don't like to talk about. 1 is religion and the other is politics.

5) I don't like caricatures. I don't know why. They just freak me out.

6) I love to read about the past. Everyone should learn from it.

7) I used to be jealous of my friends who's parents were still together. But then I got a wonderful step-father who is my Dad.

8) I am very proud of the man who has become my Dad. He has been sober for nearly 6 years now.

9) I love my besties, Cass and Mandy. I don't know what I would do without them.

10) I do believe in past lives.

11) Yes I believe in ghosts and other supernatural phenomena.

12) I once had a friend whom I considered one of my "sisters". She decided to leave this life a few years ago.

13) My father was killed by a drunk driver in 2002. Never drink and drive. You could kill yourself or someone else.

14) I never hold a grudge or stay angry at someone just because of something they said or did. I feel I'm above that. You can only pray for the strength to forgive and move forward.

15) I am an animal lover. I can't stand to see animals in trouble.

16) I completed a year of college. I couldn't finish my degree because I couldn't afford it. I do plan on going back once Sami is in school.

17) My mom is the strongest person I know. She is my inspiration.

18) I love songs that tell a story.

19) I can't stand the crunching sound people make as they are eating. Drives me up the walls.

20) I can't stand people who complain about how bad their life is. People who think they are owed something. Guess what people!!!! It won't happen unless you make it happen. Think your life sucks? Go out there and fix it.


21) My hubby makes the best chili and ribs. My dad makes the best cheeseburgers.

22) One of my favorite quotes, "If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere; you better wake up and pay attention". I so <3 that movie.

23) I love my husband with all my heart. He is my rock. I'm really gonna miss his chili while he's gone. Oh yeah him too. LOL.

24) I have 2 of the sweetest kids in the world.

25) I hate the sun coming up at 6am and down at 5. I say screw fall back. Make daylight savings time the new standard time.


  1. You hate to talk of religion and politics, yet I talk about them a lot and we are still besties.....Ironic isn't it? LoL.

    Yes, Let's screw the daylight savings!

  2. LOL yeah it is. Thats why we get along so well.